MMC strengthens its Anti-COVID-19 activity

MMC strengthens its anti-COVID-19 activities to the currently expanding COVID-19 pandemics in the country.  As part of the prevention activities in the campus the anti-COVID-19 committee is strengthened, new direction is given to all the workers, and notifications are posted on the different SARS-CoV-2 variants. MMC vaccinates all year one and above students and we are waiting for pre-Med students.

On top of that orientation is given to the pre-Med students regarding the rules, regulations and current status of COVID-19. So again, strict rules and regulations are enforced on student class room, dormitory, cafeteria, rest area and all over the campus. Physical distancing, mask utilization and frequent handwashing and environmental cleaning are in place to limit the exposure of our students and staff.

MMC do have regular cleaning and disinfection schedule of the school environment, class rooms, corridors, dormitories and frequently touched surfaces. We also ensured availability of hand hygiene facilities at every corner and sanitizer at every gate/door in the campus.

With the help of God, we are implementing all the necessary measures for the safety our students and staff!!