Welcome to the College!

Dear MMC alumni, This is your home where you spent six years of your adolescent years, right after your high school years till you get your first official job as a doctor or in a related field.  It is always nice that we belong to someone or something in this life.  You are a member of MMC family although you don’t have to come to the School every morning like you used to do.  The School will invite you to any major school events as a family.

The mission of MMC is to produce competent, compassionate leaders in medicine in Ethiopia.  To achieve the goal, MMC is focusing on two major directions – (1) to upgrade medical training for the students to prepare for specialty/subspecialty in medical practice and (2) to establish a medical research center in Ethiopia.  To this end, MMC has been trying to establish six major departments such as the Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Anatomy, Pathology and Public Health and have been hiring full time faculty members starting from the beginning of this year.  Secondly, MMC is planning to have a brand new building in the current football field to be used as a main campus.  It will be a five story building of 660 m2 / floor x  5 floors = 3300 m2, a total area, which will be built next to an additional hospital building as a twin building.  I am planning to use the current MMC building for temporary laboratories.  We hope the construction starts as soon as the Covid-19 will become under control.

As you may already know, the market for General practitioners (GPs) in Ethiopia will become more competitive as the capacity for new medical students in Ethiopia has been shrinking due to the government budgetary issue.  This means a more severe competition for jobs in the medical field.  However, we will make sure that our students will have the best medical training in Ethiopia and will be supported to become leaders in the future.  To this end, we need to work together making a tight network to help each other in many directions.  We are a family which will continue to grow to lead the country with the help of God.

Thank you again for visiting your home.

May God bless MMC and Ethiopia!


modification date 14.08.2021