The Community Service elective is an optional activity closely tied to the Medical Ethics course, and reflecting the motto and the core value of MMC: “To serve not to be served”. It puts service into practice through regular community activity. The course will span the entire MD program length. 

At the end of the Community Service elective the student is expected to demonstrate:

  1. a deeper understanding of the socio-economic context of Ethiopia, in particular of the challenges of poverty, illness, and limited access to care;
  2. empathy towards the majority of Ethiopians who are in the lower socio-economic classes and who suffer from the consequences of limited access to care;
  3. reflection on the challenges and inequities in health care provision, and the role that he/she can play to address this;
  4. Insight into the holistic model of health care and the role of faith in life and healing.
Person in chargeMrs. Rahel mulugeta📧📞 +251-116-39-40-26/53