mmc/mcm established the first immunohistochemistry (ihc) service in ethiopia since april 13/2021.

IHC involves the process of selectively identifying antigens in cells of tissue section binding specifically to antibody. IHC is vital for diagnostic accuracy, target chemotherapy, and research. IHC is important to differentiate the different types of breast cancer. Estrogen Receptor (ER) positive Human Epidermal growth factor Receptor 2(HER2) negative, ER negative HER2 positive, progesterone receptor (PR) positive and ER negative HER2 negative. Understanding and identifying this group in breast cancer patients play important role in assessing prognosis and indicate appropriate treatment options. Though IHC had these benefits, IHC is barley practiced as diagnostic tool in Ethiopia. This leads to uncertain diagnosis and empirical treatment of breast cancer patient.

MMC/MCM is known for excellent medical service and being frontier in introduction of advanced medical practices. Previously, many breast cancer samples are sent to abroad for IHC service which can increase the cost of IHC, decrease the sensitivity and quality of IHC diagnosis. MMC/MCM as a pioneer private medical institution and has taken steps to start IHC service in Ethiopia. Proper training was given for laboratory technicians from IHC experts. Keeping this trend, we are pleased to announce that IHC service for breast cancer patients is already started with best quality and affordable price since April 13, 2021.

HER2 positive
ER positive
PR positive