MMC organized an orientation programme for new students on May 08, 2021

The orientation program for new students was organized by student affairs office on Saturday on May 08, 2021. On the event, 41 students, 12 guests and 10 faculty and staff members of MMC were participated. The honorable guest, Dr. Young Dae Kwon, made speech to strengthen the collaboration between Myungsung Christian medical center (MCMC) and Myungsung medical college (MMC). Professor Kwang Chul Kim, the dean of MMC, officially welcomed the new students through video message. All the vice deans. Dr Yonas, Dr Jiksaa Dabessa and Mr. Seyfe Asrade has oriented students about academic, clinical and student affairs respectively. Student Kaleb Yergarshewa /the student council president/ also encouraged and gave tips to the students on how to become successful in their medical education. The cafeteria, library, dormitory, class rooms and offices were visited by students. The office of student affairs greatly acknowledged all staff and faculty for the team work and collaboration they showed in successful preparation of this event.