Welcome speech of Prof Kwang Chul Kim, Dean of Myungsung Medical College (MMC)

Dear Class 2020,

Good morning!

Welcome to the Myungsung Medical College or in abbreviation, MMC!

I would like to congratulate both you and your parents or supporters on making today’s special celebration possible, a celebration of a new journey full of hope and excitement!  Just imagine someday you will be able to help the sick people and their families, by relieving their pains and sufferings as respectful doctors.  You have been chosen to become such special people who can help others in need, which is a great gift from God.

It is one of the rules of this life that “every mission has the start and every start has the end.”  Now you are launching a long journey with enthusiasm and energy and with support from many people around you.  However, it is you who should carefully plan and navigate the whole journey regardless of any difficult situations you may encounter throughout the journey.  You need to be prepared, always and well, in order to complete the journey successfully.  To this end, I would like to give some advice to all of you at this time of celebration of your new journey.

First, have trust in God in all situations.

Second, try your best in all situations.

Third, work together with everyone around you with respect and by sharing.

In other words, study hard with trust in God while working together.

As written in our website, the goal of MMC is to produce competent and compassionate leaders in medicine in Ethiopia.  To this end, the College will also try its best to help you successfully accomplish the goal by providing best, possible environments with the following two specific directions.

First, to upgrade the quality of medical education to help you equipped for postgraduate training in medical specialty/subspecialty. There are more than 1,500 doctors produced every year in Ethiopia most of whom will work as general practitioners or GPs.  Since we only have 45 students per class, MMC plans to provide high quality of medical training aimed at producing the leaders in medicine.

Second, to help you to become familiar with medical research which is essential to become leaders in medicine. 

As the first step towards the directions, during the past several months MMC has established agreements, so called MOU (memorandum of understanding), with other medical colleges such as Addis Ababa University College of Medicine and St. Paul Millennium Medical College as well as government institutions such as the Ethiopia Public Health Institute or EPHI.  We expect you to work hard doing your best while communicating with the College, freely and cooperatively, just like your own family.  Together, I am confident that we can accomplish the mission.

Lastly but not the least, we want you to enjoy your college life at MMC as this will be the most precious time in your life that will never repeat.  This also is the time for you to understand your relationship with God who created you.  Please remember anything that may happen to you is not a coincidence but God’s special plan for you with grace.

Again, welcome to the Myungsung Medical College!

May God bless you and your country Ethiopia.

Thank you.

Professor Kim

May 8, 2021