MMC annual volleyball tournament was undertaken

MMC annual volleyball tournament was undertaken on Feb 22nd, 2021. The volleyball match was held at 5 pm Feb 22nd, 2021 between clinical year I (red) and preclinical year II students (blue). Both teams played very well and show character of winning. The red (C1) and the blue (Y2) were seriously competing for a trophy with their own classes cheering “very” loudly from the sides. It was a totally different look! At the end, the clinical year I (red) class beat the preclinical year II students (blue) class by 3:0 although the scores were very close for each set. 

The event was organized by Dean of MMC (Prof. Kwang Chul Kim), Vice dean of student affairs (Dr. Tekabash Araya),

in collaboration with head of MMC’s General Service (Mr Nebyat Abera). Food and beverages were provided for all supporters. The certificate of appreciation was provided to all participants by Dr. Tekebash Araya, Vice dean of student affairs.

The students’ affairs’ office will continue to organize such kind of sports activities (i.e., volleyball and football tournaments) and will support the students in planning other kinds of extra-curricular activities. It is one of the college’s main goals to teach our students how to become a leader by working together as a team.