The re-opening of the MMC face-to-face class

The re-opening of the MMC  face-to- face class

MMC that had been closed by Corona Pandemics be able to start face-to-face classes on October 20, 2020. Starting with the national university, universities are gradually opening, and MMC is the first of its kind among private universities, and the MMC is fully prepared for Corona, including hand sanitizer preparation, hand washing water preparation, all the member of MMC wear masks and disinfection is carried out every day. The HERCA allowed to start of face-to-face classes after all inspections. Thanks all staffs who prepare all things to open the MMC, especially God, for guiding us to prepare everything well. MMC will have good classes as planned, so that the students will be trained as a competent, compassionate and ethical servant leaders of Ethiopia’s medical environment in the future.