Student Handbook

Student Handbook

The Myungsung Medical College (MMC) Student Handbook begins with being a Student at Myungsung Medical College. It is your guide to student life at MMC. Each year, it brings information about academic and non-academic policies and services. It is designed as a supplement to other written materials, especially the MMC Honor Code, and is not only campus reference.

It contains current regulations and policies governing student life, health, behavior, housing, and extra-curricular activities. Careful reading will help you understand the college’s objectives and regulations as well as your own responsibilities as a member of the MMC community.

It will serve as a handy reference to all students, particularly those who are new to MMC. All students should read it thoroughly and your receipt of this handbook indicates that you are familiar with its contents and agree to abide by its instructions.

The handbook is updated annually and you and your parents are encouraged to review this when you return to campus. Regardless of the year in which you enrolled at MMC, the most current edition is in effect for all students currently enrolled.

While this handbook provides a review of regulations, policies, guidelines, and resources, the college reserves the right to change statements and policies when necessary and appropriate.

Best wishes for a successful year.