Scholarship for students

Several types of scholarships are available for students at MMC. These scholarships have been kindly provided through the generosity of members of Myungsung Church in Seoul, Korea, as well as other Christians from abroad. Their aim is to allow the excellent medical education provided by MMC to be offered to special students and those with financial needs.

Types and number of scholarships

  1. MMC Honors Scholarship
  2. Korean War Veterans Scholarship
  3. Emerging Regions Scholarship
  4. MMC Scholarship
  5. MCM Staff Scholarship


Extent of Scholarships

  1. Full scholarship: includes full tuition and dormitory/meals cost. Costs subject to adjustment at any time
  2. Tuition scholarship: covers only tuition
  3. Partial tuition scholarship: partial scholarships (Dormitory or Meal) may be awarded at the discretion of MMC.

Qualifications and requirements for scholarships

Korean War Veterans scholarship

Presentation of Korean War Veterans Association membership ID is required.

MCM staff scholarship

  • Age 30 years or under
  • Worked at least 5 years at MCM
  • University degree with GPA at least 3.4
  • Recommendation of MCM leadership

Scholarship for students from emerging regions

  • ID from emerging regions
  • Documentation of financial need (as below)
  • Academic excellence: no cut-off points for GPA but scholarship will be awarded in order of decreasing national examination score among qualifying candidates, with preference given to students from emerging regions of Ethiopia.

Scholarship for students with financial needs

  • Written request for financial assistance
  • Documentation of financial need: employer’s letter stating parent’s salary, or equivalent; home visit by MMC Chaplaincy Office
  • Level of financial need will be individually determined by the scholarship committee and rated as “moderate” (implying financial hardship in the absence of the scholarship) and “severe” (implying that student will not be able to attend MMC without assistance).
  • Academic excellence: no cut-off points for GPA but scholarship will be awarded in order of decreasing national examination score among qualifying candidates.

Maintenance of scholarship

All students must maintain 3.00 GPA in an overall standing (including elective courses) of their year of to qualify for yearly extension of the scholarship. Moreover, each year scholarship applicants will be considered in descending order of average grade in the previous year. All scholarship students whose academic performance requirement above is not maintained during any given module will first receive a warning letter. Whose performance does not improve in the following module will lose their scholarship during the subsequent module, but can regain the scholarship as soon as their performance improves to the required level.

Scholarship selection process

All scholarship applicants must successfully complete the MMC admission process and register in order to qualify for scholarships. Korean War Veterans and MCM scholarship candidates will come through each organization. Interest in scholarship based on financial need must be expressed at the time of the admissions interview, and must be formally requested in writing with proper documentation before registration.

Whenever available, a second group of scholarships may be awarded to additional students (based on funds available) with documented financial need (as determined above) AND good overall academic performance during the pre-medical module.

Scholarships will be determined by the MMC Scholarship Committee, which will include representatives of both MyungSung Church and MMC.

In exceptional situations and if funds are available, the Scholarship Committee will consider additional scholarship applications from students whose financial situation has deteriorated significantly during the previous year. Such exceptional applications must be submitted to the committee before each new academic year’s registration.

Scholarship award process

All scholarship candidates will be informed before registration of the status of their scholarship application. The amount of the scholarship will be deducted from the school bill payable each module.

Person in chargeMrs. Rahel mulugeta📧📞 +251-116-39-40-26/53