Kang Heesoo, BEs

Vice Dean, Administrative Affairs

B.Es. (Engineering), Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

Phone : +251 944 74 54 20

E-mail : igoldcu@gmail.com

Kim, Youngme

Director of the Library.

BA( Library Science) Sung Kyun Kwan University, Seoul Korea

BA ( Theology) Seoul Jangsin University, Seoul Korea.

MA. (Library and Information Science) Han Sung University, Seoul Korea .

Ph.D.(Library and Information Science) Han Sung University, Seoul Korea.

Phone: +251 929 234 704  ||  E-Mail : kimmmc2018@gmail.com

Dr. Taye Jemberu Robele


M.D.(Doctor of Medicine)  Hawwasa University

MSc (Medical Science) Yonsei University, Korea, in 2017;

Specialty pathology from St. Paul Millennium Medical College, Addis Ababa.

Phone :   || E-mail :


Mr. Nebiyu Dereje Abebe

Research Coordinator

BSc. (Public Health) Hawassa University.

Ms.( Public Health in Epidemiology) Jimma University.

Ph.D. candidate at School of Public Health, Addis Ababa University.

Phone :           || E-mail : flanel87@gmail.com

Tirsit Wuhib G/Michael

Head Librarian.

BA (Disaster Risk Management and Sustainable Development) Bahir Dar University

Msc. (Arts in Library Science and Bibliography) Minsk Institute of Culture, Minsk USSR in 1989.

Phone : +251 920 803 274   ||  E-Mail : tirsitwub1963@gmail.com

Mrs. Bethelhem Asrat

Basic Sciences Coordinator

BA. (Foreign Languages and Literature) Addis Ababa University.

Msc. (Arts in Social Psychology) Addis Ababa University.

Phone :                  || E-mail : Betelhem.a.a@gmail.com

Person in chargeMr.Bzuneh  Dade📧 bizuneh52@gmail.com📞 +251-116-39-40-26/53