News & Events

News & Events

The re-opening of the MMC  face-to- face class

MMC that had been closed by Corona Pandemics be able to start face-to-face classes on October 20, 2020. Starting with the national university, universities are gradually opening, and MMC is the first of its kind among private universities, and the MMC is fully prepared for Corona, including hand sanitizer preparation, hand washing water preparation, all the member of MMC wear masks and disinfection is carried out every day. The HERCA allowed to start of face-to-face classes after all inspections. 

2020.09.30                                                                                                

Domitory Disinfection

Our college frequently provides quarantine measures to prevent coronavirus infection. The photo shows to disinfection in every corner of the dormitory.

2020.09.30                                                                                                

Anatomy Lab 

The 2nd Year students were practiced anatomy practice in Anatomy Room with the instructor (Name——–)

2020.09.18                                                                                                

2nd Module has finished

2nd Module has finished :  We could not have a normal class because of Corona 19, but we would like to thank God that we could finish the second module safely by conducting a non-face-to-face class after the third dean’s appointment. Photographs of students taking final exams.

2020.09.09                                                                                                

2nd Vice Dean of Academic Affairs was started from June 15, 2020

On Jun. 15th 2020, Dr. Wajana was started his job as a 2nd Vice Dean of Academic Affairs

Mr. Kang as a 2nd Vice Dean of Administrative Affairs

Dr. Jiksa as a 2nd Vice Dean of Clinical Attachment

2020.06.15