In the 8th anniversary of the opening of MCM General Hospital, Myungsung Medical College opened in September 23, 2012 with 23 freshmen in its inaugural class. The first batch of graduates completed training in August 2018.

In 1993, Pastor Kim Sam-whan of Myungsung Church visited Ethiopia for missionary work. He felt uncomfortable staying at a hotel with good facilities while the people outside struggled to afford basic necessities. The next day, Pastor Kim and his party moved their accommodation to a place similar to the place where the locals live. Pastor Kim collected the remaining expenses and met with the President of Ethiopia to discuss helping Ethiopians living in poverty. In the wake of this first meeting, the Ethiopian government asked the Korean government to establish and operate a hospital in Ethiopia, and the Korean government asked the Myungsung Church to do so.

Myungsung Church decided to establish and operate a hospital in Ethiopia in appreciation of the friendship dating back to the Korean War in 1950, when Ethiopia sent troops to help South Korea. MCM General Hospital was opened in 2004, Myungsung Medical College was opened in 2012, and another building named Grace Wing of MCM General Hospital was added in 2015.

In addition, the prestigious Myungsung Medical College continues to provide a necessary and beneficial educational environment for students, including dedicated professors and staff from all over the world, libraries with state-of-the-art facilities, and clinical opportunities at the nearby MCM General Hospital.

Person in chargeMr.Bzuneh  Dade📧📞 +251-925-757-637